Siyakha Education Trust

The Siyakha Education Trust ("Trust") is the educational initiative of Resilient REIT Limited and Fortress REIT Limited. The Trust was established to support education in rural South Africa. From the Trust's perspective this project demonstrates that a partnership approach to improving and supporting the career literacy of the future workforce has real benefits for the youth, employers and our country. Our proactive investment in the future of our youth will help to address career and educational issues with a fresh and innovative approach. The word "Siyakha" means "build" in Zulu - building on the future of our youth and ultimately, a better future.

We focus on the future of a community's young human capital. By helping the advancement of the youth's academic skills, we support a number of multi-disciplinary areas, critical to addressing our society's greatest challenges. In this way, we have open access to push the frontiers of life and learning. Supporting educational development is the least we can offer our young South Africans. Education is a sensitive and emotional subject for many, and by giving back to the communities that support our developments, we are not only thanking them, but also giving the opportunity to rise above their circumstances.

To embark on sustainable educational projects within communities in our country. The Trust sees itself as an 'academic investor' passionate about supporting, uplifting, inspiring and empowering.

The Trust's core functions include:
1. The upgrade and refurbishment of physical and life science laboratories (for all grades)
2. The provision of modern computer facilities
3. The provision and installation of interactive whiteboards
4. E-learning projects
5. Infrastructure refurbishment, project upgrades and construction (mainly kitchens and toilet facilities)
6. Supporting educator-based academic traning initiatives

We also partner with other brands on a national, provincial and district level, as the Trust has a national footprint. The Trust does not believe that without education people are unemployable, we believe that with education, people have the power of choice.