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Longlake Logistics Park
Longlake Logistic is located on the northern corner of the new k113 and Malbro Drive, in Longlake near to Linbro Park. The site is close to the N3 Malbro Interchange and with access via the new k113 to the east and N3 to the north and south. The park is also located within 15km of Sandton CBD and ORT international Airport to the east.

The park has 24 Hour security with armed reaction response. The park also has centralized pumps and tanks servicing all the Logistics pockets, to reduce operating costs, but still maintaining full fire compliance. We are currently developing 2 facilities in phase 1 which consist of the following:
Building 1: The building consists of a warehouse of 21 736m² and 1 725m²offices.
Building 2: The building consists of a warehouse of 10 906m² and 869m² offices.
The total site area for Ext 4 is 35 236m².

The site on Longlake Ext 2 to the west of the k113 has capacity to develop a further 65 000m² of Logistics / Warehousing. The Warehouse has an eve height of 15m for building 1 and 13,5m eve height for building 2 and with an FM2 fibre reinforced armour jointed floor to handle a 12-ton point load in the facility, which allows material handling equipment to reach the 15m eaves height. Overhead sprinklers are provided and there is capacity in the pump set for in rack sprinklers. The yards are 40m wide and have a mix of both on grade and doc facilities to suit most tenants needs. We have also had approval to upgrade the power on the site with new capacity of 3,5MVA.

The first spec building will be ready for occupation in the third quarter of the year for occupation and planning has already started of schemes for the rest of the Sites.
Cnr of Malboro Drive and K113, Linbro, Johannesburg
105 000
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