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Eastport Logistics Park
Eastport Logistics Park is in a prime location, north east of the intersection of the R21 and R25. The Park offers great vehicle accessibility, and great visibility, being situated right next to the R25 off ramp of the R21 Albertina Sisulu Freeway. The Albertina Sisulu Freeway is one of the major arterial routes in Gauteng linking Pretoria to the East Rand. Interest in the node is high as it offers superior visibility and access to tenants. Eastport is also situated very centrally to all markets in Gauteng. Routing to and from these markets can be done through by various routes presenting vehicles with options to minimize drive time and avoid traffic jams.

The Park has 24-hour security with a reaction vehicle dedicated to the Park. The Park also has central fire tanks and pumps offering fire protection compliance to tenants at an efficient cost. Two warehouses have been completed in the Park to date. A third building is currently being developed for a tenant. It was decided to develop Building 4 as a speculative warehouse in the same time frame as the development for the new tenant to make the most of the interest the new construction will generate.

Building 4 consists of a warehouse, measuring 12,403m², a formal office component measuring 837m², and warehouse related office areas of 446m². The design was based on the generic warehouse design principles formulated by the Fortress developments team in conjunction with the professional team. The building is 15m high at the eaves to allow for high racking making the best use of the volume available. The floor is a joint less FM2 concrete floor that can handle a 12-ton point load. This allows material handling equipment to reach the heights possible in the building.
Cnr R21 & R25, East Rand, Johannesburg
500 000
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