Upsurge in Demand for Logistics Real Estate

Upsurge in Demand for Logistics Real Estate

Gone are the days of selling locally and to the nearby market. Exports and imports are part of the way businesses operate globally. Think about it – we export wines from South Africa all to over the world. We export steel. We import fresh produce and vehicles. Where would we be without logistics real estate?

For many years, logistics real estate did not exist. It was about finding a warehouse or a container park that offered the best in terms of access, situation and space and making the most of it. Today, things are different.
With a contemporary forward-thinking mindset and globalisation of businesses, logistics real estate has become an important offering.

Logistics warehousing is about creating an environment and structure that enables companies to receive, manage and distribute goods as simply, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. It is about looking at the full sequence of events from the manufacturer to the end consumer. Logistics real estate now offers businesses an opportunity to operate and manage the supply chain seamlessly. At Fortress REIT, we aim to transform a basic warehouse concept into a valuable operation of logistical simplicity.

Logistics, as per the definition of the word, are about thinking smart and out of the box. We don’t just look at floor space, we look at volume. It is about how we can maximise the value of the space and the site. Our logistics real estate offers turnkey solutions for companies that want to think big and get big. We provide valued-based warehousing solutions that are forward-thinking, professional, and streamlined.

The New Dimension of E-commerce

E-commerce has changed the way we think, the way we do business, and the way we shop. The physical stores have been affected in such a bad way. The high-street chains have disappeared, the small niche boutiques are hanging on by a thread thanks to their loyal local dedicated supporters, and e-commerce has flow. Thanks not just to COVID-19 but a rapidly increasing manic pace in our lifestyles, e-commerce has provided fast, simple solutions to the market, and that is where logistics real estate has stepped in. The e-commerce companies need professional slick operations, where goods can be received and dispatched quickly and easily and stored with 24-hour security. Logistics real estate and logistics management has seen a huge upswing in business demand. E-retailers have needed to find storage and management solutions quickly, to adapt to the rapid change in how purchases and sales are made.

It has all resulted in new demands and required solutions. This is not something that has happened over time. The demand for logistics real estate has virtually happened overnight. The focus for the future is on flexibility, automation, and other innovative solutions.

Fortress REIT has the solutions you need. So, for more information, simply call us today and we will provide you with the information you need on what we can offer in logistics real estate.