New Developments in South Africa

New Developments in South Africa

So, the world of warehousing is rapidly changing. E-commerce, COVID-19, and a manic lifestyle are all contributors. That is why at Fortress REIT, we have come up with new developments in the world of logistics warehousing that will aid you in finding simpler more streamlined solutions quickly and more affordably.

We have so many new projects on the go. We realise that logistics warehousing is about creating an environment and structure that enables companies to receive, manage and distribute goods as simply, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. It’s about looking at the full sequence of events from the manufacturer to the end consumer. Our new developments now offer businesses an opportunity to operate and manage the supply chain seamlessly. At Fortress REIT, we aim to transform a basic warehouse concept into a valuable operation of logistical simplicity.

Our new developments encompass all of the needs and solutions that businesses require to move forward. Logistics Parks can prove to be a huge success if they are in the industrial belts, and near airports, or ports. Now with the Fortress REIT logistics warehousing, shippers will be able to plan collections and deliveries on time, with no interruptions and are able to plan out their inventories without any hindrance. Our logistics warehousing developments are near to some of our major airports, allowing for a smooth operation of delivery and dispatch.

Eastport Logistics Park is a classic example of one of our new developments of logistics warehousing that is in a prime location. Not only is it easily accessible to O.R. Tambo International Airport, but it is also situated on one of the major access routes that link Kempton Park to Pretoria. Another example of a great location is Cornubia Ridge Logistics in Durban, right by the N2 highway, boasting easy road access to the north coast and inland regions.

Louwlardia Logistics Park, near one of the busiest routes between Pretoria and Johannesburg, is in a strategic position. Located along the N1 motorway with easy access to all principal routes it offers great accessibility for the delivery and collection of warehoused goods. This new development boasts 24-hour security and central fire tanks and pumps offering fire protection compliance to tenants that is affordable.

All these new developments in both KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng are focussed on providing valued-based warehousing solutions that are forward-thinking, professional, and streamlined.

E-commerce Is the New Way

E-commerce has changed the way we think, the way we do business, and the way we shop. The physical stores have been affected in such a bad way. The high-street chains have disappeared, the small niche boutiques are hanging on by a thread thanks to their loyal local dedicated supporters, and e-commerce has flow. Thanks not just to COVID-19, but a rapidly increasing manic pace in our lifestyles, e-commerce has provided fast, simple solutions to the market, and that’s where our new developments stepped in. The e-commerce companies need professional slick operations, where goods can be received and dispatched quickly and easily and stored with 24-hour security.

Fortress REIT’s new developments are exciting and paving a significant path in the way businesses operate. Call us today to get more information on what we can offer.