New Developments and Logistics Parks - Gauteng and KZN

New Developments and Logistics Parks - Gauteng and KZN

Fortress REIT continue to prove themselves as the leaders in the South African sphere of new developments and logistics parks. Gauteng and KZN boast a multitude of Fortress REIT logistics warehousing sites that are either complete or soon to be finished.

The global pandemic of COVID-19, alongside our ever-shifting economic landscape with amplified e-commerce business have resulted in an increased demand for warehousing space and professional and well-located logistics parks.

When considering where to set up your business, it is wise to take into account some fairly obvious but necessary factors. Where is the logistics park situated? Does it have good access to key highways, feeder roads to main cities, or airports or seaports? Is there plenty of loading and off-loading space? Is there premium security for your valuable products? These are all considerations that will affect where you decide to base your business.

What’s On Offer?
At Fortress REIT, we have an abundance of new developments to suit both small- and large-scale business operations.

Fortress Eastport Logistics Park is one of our new developments, ideally situated in Gauteng next to the Albertina Sisulu Freeway, one of the main access points to either the East Rand or Pretoria and near ORT international airport. A secure and state-of-the-art logistics park in such a key location is highly desirable: it saves time and mitigates the issue of road congestion on smaller less-used routes, and this in turn saves money and hassle. It has been expertly designed by the developments team, comprising four separate buildings offering office and high-volume warehousing space. It boasts 24/7 security and has dedicated fire protection for all tenants.

Fortress Cornubia Ridge Logistics Park is another development we are extremely proud of. Well situated north of eThekwini, it is ideal for easy access to the King Shaka airport, Durban seaport, and main roads to other major cities in South Africa. It too boasts fire and safety compliance as well as 24-hour armed security response.

For a state-of-the-art development, look at Fortress Clairwood Logistics Park, KZN with rail access to nearbye Durban Port. This new development, worth the bold outlay of R4 billion, will, on completion, cover over 35 000m2 of logistics warehousing floor space.

Fortress Longlake Logistics Park is just another of our Gauteng projects that we have on offer. It is located right in the middle of one of Gauteng’s busiest industrial areas – Linbro Park, as well as being close to Gauteng’s financial hub, and international airport. Like the new developments previously mentioned, it also boasts state of the art facilities, expansive warehousing and office space and an ideal location.

It is clear why all of these new development schemes enhance businesses: operations are able to run smoothly, logistics become hassle-free, and overall time and costs are saved.

Taking a look at our new projects in hand will simply reinforce in your mind why you should invest with Fortress REIT. With Fortress REIT’s investment in these new Fortress Logistics parks, our impact on the South African economy is evident. We are determined to see growth and investment in this country. Carefully designed and planned projects of this stature will create an economy and business infrastructure that is more efficient, more cost-effective, and more first world.