Leading Investment Real Estate Developments - Fortress REIT

Leading Investment Real Estate Developments - Fortress REIT

Fortress REIT invests in logistics, industrial and commercial properties across South Africa. We are the third largest REIT and one of the principal investment real estate trust groups in the country and have all the expertise and professionalism to assist you with any decisions that need to be made regarding your business real estate and where you should be based. Our core focus is on the development of logistic parks in accessible, safe and state-of-the-art warehousing, offering logistics solutions at every level.

We know that now, more than ever, is the time to consider investing in property. As our economy is shaky, having been rocked by the global pandemic of COVID-19, property prices are more attractive and investment in real estate is more feasible. It is a great time to consider growing your business and looking at business premises that will enhance the success of your company. Fortress Logistics can show you how.

Property investment is one of the best money-generating sources of income. Rudimentary basics need to be looked at very carefully when choosing to invest in a property; such as whether it is commercial, industrial or retail; the location; and of course the basic running costs. We have spent decades building up a portfolio of sound investment real estate . We can assist you in ensuring that all your lease agreements are watertight. Our experts at Fortress REIT will assist you with the rental agreements, ensuring you can meet your monthly payments even in the face of ever-increasing interest rates. Our goal is to assist you set up your business in one of our prime locations, so that your business doesn’t just break even, but yields a healthy profit.

What To Look For

Don’t waste time and money on investing in a site that is poorly situated, in areas that incur high traffic volumes and congestion, and which have no easy access for delivery or dispatching. It might seem like a good option to sign up for something cheaper but be careful of the shortfalls. It is about taking that quantum leap and believing in your strategy to grow a wealth portfolio. Fortress REIT will assist with all your logistics solutions.

Once you have worked on a sound business plan and are sure you have taken every hidden cost into consideration, it is time to decide where to invest. Spend time with our consultants who can offer you expert advice on where you should be situated, looking at both your business model and your requirements and then finding the perfect match.

Flagship Logistics Parks

At Fortress REIT, our properties are all in leading locations and have state-of-the-art facilities. Fortress Eastport Logistics Park in Gauteng and Fortress Clairwood Logistics Park in KZN are two of our leading investment real estate developments, set in prime locations with easy access to main arterial routes, ORT international airport and Durban seaport. Logistics warehousing has become increasingly important in the world of business, with the massive upsurge of e-commerce. As a result, storage solutions and warehousing are a vital component of the machinations of business. Easy access, prime locations, 24- hour security are all an integral part of our investment real estate.

Contact Fortress REIT for further information on availability and costings. We are here to advise.