Fortress REIT - Logistics Warehousing: State-of-the-Art Solutions

Fortress REIT - Logistics Warehousing: State-of-the-Art Solutions

If you thought, in these globally economically challenging times we are in, that business developments were on hold, then think again. Fortress REIT is expanding at exponential levels in all aspects of building. For us, our focus is on the importance of logistics warehousing and how it can help build an economy.

Logistics warehousing is becoming increasingly more vital in our industrial sector, offering turnkey solutions for the transporting of goods, the storage of products and the easy distribution of goods. Bulk products need to be housed somewhere, and with the congestion of our cities and our roads, logistics warehousing is playing a key role in easing the bottlenecks in busy town centres, and making the management of transportation, storage, and distribution so much easier.

Logistics is a complex process of managing how goods are procured, stored, and then transported to their final destination. These logistics warehouses that Fortress REIT are so passionately investing in are specifically designed and situated to make logistics operations more manageable.

Logistics Parks can prove to be a huge success if they are in the industrial belts, and near airports, or ports. Now with the Fortress REIT logistics warehousing, shippers will be able to plan collections and deliveries on time, with no interruptions and are able to plan out their inventories without any hindrance. Our logistics warehousing developments are near to some of our major airports, allowing for a smooth operation of delivery and dispatch.

Eastport Logistics Park is a classic example of logistics warehousing that is in a prime location. Not only is it easily accessible to O.R. Tambo International airport, but it is also situated on one of the major access routes that links Johannesburg to Pretoria. Another example of a great location is Cornubia Ridge Logistics in Durban, right by the N2 highway, boasting easy road access to the north coast and inland regions.

The Benefits of Logistics Warehousing Compared to Individual Warehouses

Logistics warehousing is planned on a far greater scale than individual warehousing. It is a combination of good access, 24-hour security, and offers a larger amount of space for storing goods and products. These developments are larger and better managed and most importantly have been carefully planned. The movement of goods, whether deliveries or dispatches, become more cost-effective when there is the ease of access and a strategic plan in place.

Environmentally, logistics warehousing makes more sense. The sites are situated in one area, where the impact on the surrounds is minimised. No large trucks driving through city centres, causing traffic congestion, pollution, and infrastructural damage. Fortress REIT’s logistics warehousing has environmental concern at the forefront of their mind. It is about mitigating negative damage on our environment while ensuring smooth business operations. To add, the aim of logistics warehousing is to promote economic growth and generate employment. The areas are large enough to facilitate future expansion as well.

Our logistics warehousing is not just about am empty shell or a basic structure – it is about state-of-the-art design with technologically advanced facilities. If you are thinking logistics warehousing, think Fortress REIT.